Taking Control of School Active Shooters

Discover how Threat Suppression can fit into your security plan now!

  • Crotega Safety Solutions has developed the first-of-its-kind shooter suppression system. Few methods have been deemed effective in suppressing violence or active shooters in schools. Threat suppression is the next step in life safety and school building security.
  • Crotega provides a remotely deployed threat suppression system that drenches the perpetrator with a repulsive solution, impairing their ability to enact violence. This is a new innovative interior threat suppression system designed to deter, disrupt, and delay™ active killers and other threats inside of schools upon visual recognition of the threat.

When deployed, the threat suppression system significantly irritates the senses and debilitates attackers, giving School Responders and law enforcement time to secure the area and control the situation. The Crotega system includes warning decals and signage to help prevent violence from an active shooter before it starts.

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How can your campus take back control?

A Non-Lethal Threat Suppression System

  • Sentrē™ is a patent-pending indoor rapid-defense, nonviolent security solution
  • Activated through an intuitive touchscreen system
  • Releases short bursts of water with nontoxic additives from the ceiling
  • Causes significant irritation to eyes, nose, throat, lungs, and skin
  • Virtually immobilizes the perpetrator until an in-house responder intervenes or law enforcement arrives
  • USA Security, a premium security system integrator that specializes in video monitoring, access control, fire, and intrusion systems is partnering with Crotega to bring you the state of the art threat suppression system, Sentrē™.

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