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Home intrusion systems

Well this last week we actually purchased a 2gig intrusion panel.  I do have to say I was pretty impressed with the ease of use.  Not only was a simple panel to program, but it looks good!!  It has a touch screen (color) and it comes with Z wave technology so you can use a key fob to turn lights on and off.  Not to mention you can also use a remote to lock and unlock a sexy looking deadbolt!!  Ok Honeywell and DSC you better catch up!!  We are a Honeywell integrator but they need to get on their horse and come up with a product for the residential market that isn’t irrelevant.


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USA Security

The best logo in the business

Better get one of these signs

USA Security is a family owned national security integrator.  We are a commercial and residential security provider that strives to keep our technology on the cutting edge and our service leaps and bounds above our competition.   We have some pretty cool and fun systems to use at the office or at home, making security more of a management tool than it has been in the past.

USA Security is Based in Eden Prairie, MN – Suburb of Minneapolis.  We cover all 50 states and some of Canada. We have three offices right now and looking to add another.

6830 Washington Ave South

Eden Prairie, MN 55344

1-888-624-1845- Toll Free

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