Your DVR Records at What? I Get a Better Picture From my Phone.

I am amazed when I see analog cameras recording to DVRs, especially in high-security areas.  While many of today’s DVRs can record at 640 x 480 (230,400 pixels), most do not.  When trying to cover large areas of parking, lobbies, or production floors w/ single cameras the digitized, pixellated image of 640×480 is not that distinguishable from 320×240, so to quadruple the storage time on a box DVR, most integrators and end users will drop to the lowest image quality available.

This speaks to the end question, what are you expecting out of your video?   Considering the new TV standard is 1080p (most HD broadcast are still in 720p), why would you allow yourself to install anything less?  My wife has a basic Samsung  flip phone (archaic in the ever evolving phone technology) that was given to her for free by T-Mobile for renewing her contract.  That phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera.  The camera that came on her phone is 18x stronger than the average analog camera recording in the field. iPhones have 5.0MP cameras, the new DROID phones from HTC have 8.0MP cameras.  We are walking around with cameras in our phones that are superior to 99% of the surveillance cameras deployed in the marketplace.

USA Security has achieved BEAUTIFUL forensic camera shots using Avigilon’s 5.0MPHD camera.  The bang for the buck in unparalleled.  When looking for a camera system for your business; whether it’s for protection, security, productivity, or any other reason, why settle for any thing less than the best? Look at it another way, you are going to pay a technician the same amount of money to run a line out for a camera and mount and install that camera whether its a $250 box camera or a $950 5.0MPHD camera, why not maximize that value?

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