Future Proofing Your Service Calls

Look at Edgar up on that Ladder

More often than not, left to their own decisions, customers will want to put exterior cameras on their roof for “maximum coverage.”  This really only is a good idea if you have a 2 story building or a 1 story building.  At USA Security, we typically recommend mounting your cameras 12-18 feet off the ground. In most drop ceiling environments, we will punch out above the first floor drop ceiling and below the base of the second floor. There are two main reasons for this

1) Camera Shot: your camera is only going to capture so many pixels, why do you want to waste your first few thousand pixels on empty space between the top of your building and the top of whatever you are looking at?  By lowering the camera, you get much closer to your object of interest and therefore a cleaner looking shot. Also, the higher your camera shot, the more blind space you have before the beginning of your scene (or you’re just getting a top down look).

2) Future Maintenance:  this may be of even more long-term concern to the end user.  If a camera is at ladder height, it can be easily fixed, replaced, repaired by one of our technicians.    If you cut out the need to rent an outdoor boom lift every time you have a camera concern, you will thousands of unnecessary  dollars in repairs over the life of a system. Given that these are electronics, and they are bound to have issues at some point of their lives, the end decision seems like a no brainer.

Get those cameras down, get the good shot, save your future self some money. Duh!

  1. #1 by Scott Hightower on May 25, 2011 - 1:14 am

    I agree with the comments about serviceability. It is a really good idea to balance the need for a great camera angle with the need to have easy access for serviceability. It is clear that you have really good ideas of the best practices for installation.

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