No Shortcuts, Please.

To the end user, and the customer who actually has to pay for the finished installation, exposed outdoor wire should be unacceptable.  By leaving this this wire exposed, the entire integrity of the system is compromised. It is open to degradation by rain, snow, or strong winds, or vandalism or tampering.

Exposed wire

This particular installation causes even more concern. This camera wire has been run underground to a post (which is no cheap feat). Was the wire directly buried, or was conduit used?  There was clearly a design reason for this camera on this post.  The end user must have felt there was a strong need to invest their dollars to capture this particular scene.  The extra cost of properly mounting conduit to hide the wire would probably less than 10% of the cost of running the wire from the building to the post.

This wire screams, "Please cut me!"

Quick math on the project would look like this:  Outdoor camera $350, wire $50, Labor $400, for another $45 a good installer would include flex conduit, junction box and couplings.  This would protect the wire from 1) weather 2) tampering.  To replace this wire if it were damaged would probably cost $450.  Would you spend $45 up front to protect a $800 install?


By taking a little extra time, putting a little extra care, and treating the customer how we would expect to be treated, USA Security puts in a professional finished product every time.  Why would you accept anything less than the cleanest, most professional installation?

Not only is this installation much cleaner, but we custom painted these houses for the customer. Yeah, we do that.

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