Barry’s Workin’ Hard to Put in Nothing but the Best


I caught up with one of our service techs, Barry, on an installation.  Based on the finished installations they’ve put in (see previous posts), I firmly we believe we have some of the best techs in the industry.  Our guys take a very real pride in the installation.

Looking Good Barry

Our guys often get in put in some tough conditions, whether its having to move around a loading dock, avoid equipment and work areas, or any other curve ball the installation may throw, they get the job done and their finished product looks great.  Because these guys really have a great handle on their installations, we give them a lot of leeway.  This particular installation was designed by one of our sales reps.  The system was designed to have cameras centrally located and looking back out towards all of the dock doors.  Once on site, Barry thought that he could hit the same camera shots from the outside, capturing deeper pictures and wider angles without going over the labor budget.

Measure twice, drill once

This particular finished product ended up being a 5.0 Megapixel Avigilon camera.  That coverage generates 5 million pixels over these doors, if you include the man doors, thats 1.25 million pixels per door.


So many pixels

That same day I saw a Clinton Electronics DVR (If I try and sell you one of these, please show me the door) and the cameras were recording at 174×144 (25,000 pixels). To get the same level of detail, you would need 50 cameras per door!


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