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You Put That There?

My little 14 month old “Meats,” my 3 year old, “Cheese” and I were at the playground at Forest Elemntary School playing on the equipment. As is the case with little kids, their attention span waned and they decided to run over by the school, which got me to noticing the camera system and questioning its design.

While its clear what the intended shot was, the camera location was a bit baffeling; it got me to wonder who designed the system; the school, the architect, or the consultant.  From the looks of the design, it would appear that the security professional probably did not do the design.


A well installed camera, clearly with a purpose


This camera was built into the spec, and upon further investegation (and a little common sense), it appears there is a door in this camera that someone at some point thought it would be good to see.



If we move the camera to the opposite side of this door, we can capture a much closer picture of who is entering the area, potentially even getting a face with low quality cameras.  Moreover, we would get great visual detail of what is happening on the playground.  If we were to take this design a step further, and insert 5.0 Megapixel HD Cameras, we would be able to see all the kids on the slides and basketball courts.


Finally, I was left scratching my head on this design.  IF we were going to leave the first camera in its spot, why would we not cover this front door from the same corner?  The taxpayers already paid to have an installer run a line to that corner of the building, it would cost no more to run a second wire at the same time.  The end result will be the same unusable picture from either corner of the building, why pay double?

You already have a questionable design, why make it more expensive


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From Humble Beginnings . . .

This thing was a pain to park, and it didn't look so good either

Recently USA Security’s own Ross Brandon was recognized by Security Systems News as one of the top 20 people in the security industry under the age of 40.    Ross has been the leader of the company and his vision has driven us to where we are today.  In less than 8 years, USA Security has gone from a tiny office with two technitians in pulling a trailor, to a professional office w/ uniformed installers and profssional looking vans.  USA Security has truly ‘grown up.’  While video has always been our forte’ we have been able to branch out nicely into access control and intrusion.




These look much sweeter

What has made USA Security successful has been our commitment to technology in the three main security arenas. 

VIDEO: When the market was focused on low end DVRs, USA Security was introducing 30fps h.264 real-time DVRs.  As the migration went to IP Cameras, USA Security skiped the low end VGA quality cameras and went directly to Megapixel cameras.  Currently IP cameras capture roughly 20% of the marketplace, at USA Security, however, IP (specifically, megapixel) cameras account for nearly 60% of our camera volume.  

ACCESS CONTROL: We were one of the first to introduce and promote hosted access control, a revolutionary new concept that takes the day to day managment of access control off of the plate of the HR or IT staff and places it on ours. 

INTRUSION: Along with Megapixel and Hosted Acces Control, USA Security has long advocated the use of GSM (cellular)  and IP dialers instead of the traditional phone line for Alarm Systems.  If the burglar cuts all your phone lines, and cuts your cable line, we can still dial the police through the GSM.  This technology also allows you to remotely arm, disarm, and control your system.

With this type of technology, USA Security has stayed ahead of the curve by staffing our own IT techs.  While our competitors are quoting software and cameras, but forcing the end user to source their own server, USA Security has found 3 partners for servers to meet the customers needs.  Why? Because we want to be able to assist you at all stages, not point the finger after the installation.  Our savy IT staff has been able to repeatedly use log-me-in to trouble shoot alarm panels, access control panels and camera systems.  By doing this, you can typically turn an $190 on-site tech visit, to an $18.75 tech support call, saving the customer hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.

It may be a small office, but it has better surveillance than some casinos

Its this commitment to cutting edge technology and service after the sale that has allowed USA Security to install systems in 25 states from our humble office in Eden Prairie, MN.  While the majority of integrators are reluctant to join today’s technology, we are already providing tomorrow’s.



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