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Taking Control of Active Shooters

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  • Since 1992, there has been over 390 school shootings in the U.S.
  • In over 95% of the school shooting incidents, either the shooter completes the reign of terror by committing suicide or an in-house responder takes the shooter down
  • Crotega’s solution provides in-house responders the protection to maintain control of their building, while removing the ability of the perpetrator to take over control of the building

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How can your campus take back control?

A Non-Lethal Threat Suppression System

  • Sentrē™ is a patent-pending indoor rapid-defense, nonviolent security solution
  • Activated through an intuitive touchscreen system
  • Releases short bursts of water with nontoxic additives from the ceiling
  • Causes significant irritation to eyes, nose, throat, lungs, and skin
  • Virtually immobilizes the perpetrator until an in-house responder intervenes or law enforcement arrives

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  • USA Security, a premium security system integrator that specializes in video monitoring, access control, fire, and intrusion systems is partnering with Crotega to bring you the state of the art threat suppression system, Sentrē™.

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No, No, We’ll Take Care of That for You

As I work with customers throughout the area, one consistent I tend to see, regardless of industry, is the internal management of an access control system.  Somewhere along the way, companies decided that the ongoing responsibilities of ensuring operation of their access control components should be divided into different departments.  Almost universally it breaks down like this:

  • Server / Workstation, software updates – IT
  • Database management – HR
  • Door control and Hardware functionality – Facilities and Maintenance

During the first 12-18 months there are typically no problems as the system is fresh in everyone’s mind.  What we usually see is a scenario like this:

The Access Control software is loaded on a local workstation in the HR managers office.  He never shuts it down or restarts it, because he thinks the card readers won’t work while its in restart (untrue).  Because the system doesn’t get restarted, it never gets its windows updates, nor does it allow the software to get updates.  One day employee Jane Doe’s card doesn’t work at a particular door. HR has to try and re enroll her card, followed by getting the maintenance manager to look at the card reader.  They end up having to call their installing company to come look at it.  Since neither the HR manager, nor the maintenance manager are Access Control experts, they can’t really describe whats going on, other than someone’s card isn’t working.

The installing company comes out, spends a little time on site and sees that the workstation needs the software updates, and that the access control workstation is also being used as another workstation and is siphoning resources.  The installing company installs the updates, and poof, like magic, everything works

The kicker: Along with the wasted time of the HR manager and the maintenance manager, here comes the bill from the security company.

A Better Way?

Enter hosted and managed access control. USA Security offers a revolutionary access control platform that streamlines the entire process.  Here are several advantages

  • No need to source an onsite PC / Server for access control software- its all web based
  • No need to purchase access control software
  • No need to have an HR or Ops manager heavily invested in how to add, delete, or change users
  • Ongoing maintenance upkeep is built into the monthly cost. No surprise bills.

With hosted and managed access control, you simply email us any changes you want made and if we get them by 2:00 that day, the change will be made that same day.  All your data is stored on our server, you can access your data over internet explorer from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Let USA Security manage your access control for you, so you can concentrate on your business.


Looking to implement a hosted access control revenue stream to your business, but don’t want the hassle of server maintenance?  USA Security will wholesale our manged access control services as well.  Call or email today to find out more.

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What do you want, what do you want, what do you want from me?

Often times security systems are designed around a specific goal; “I want to keep everyone out of this IT room except for the following people . . . ” or “I need to capture the license plate at this entry point”  As a customer, it is your right to force your integrator get as specific as possible throughout the design. You are most likely going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an initial install of an intrusion, fire monitoring, access control or surveillance system, you want it to look the way you want in the end.

A good integrator, or provider, will be able to unequivocally quantify the end result for you.  If you tell your integrator you want to see a face through a door, that integrator should be able to provide the pixels per foot needed to get a usable face shot. If you want to restrict people into an area, your integrator should be able to put together an access control solution that will restrict those points of entry.

If your design / integrator / sales contact is vague, how precise will your end system then be?  Get Specific, Get Results!

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USA Security

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USA Security is a family owned national security integrator.  We are a commercial and residential security provider that strives to keep our technology on the cutting edge and our service leaps and bounds above our competition.   We have some pretty cool and fun systems to use at the office or at home, making security more of a management tool than it has been in the past.

USA Security is Based in Eden Prairie, MN – Suburb of Minneapolis.  We cover all 50 states and some of Canada. We have three offices right now and looking to add another.

6830 Washington Ave South

Eden Prairie, MN 55344

1-888-624-1845- Toll Free

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