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Cameras as a Fail Safe

We at USA Security have the privelige of working with customers in all fields and all industries on a myriad of project types.  Typically, the initial reaction to a camera sales presentation is that of theft or building security. As our customers find out, the opportunities are so much greater.

To ensure a more efficient install, USA Security bench tests all products prior to job-site

To ensure a more efficient install, USA Security bench tests all products prior to job-site


Here is an application that is outside the typical realms of safety, security, even productivity and quality control.  Here is an application that deals with critical plant operations and machine down time:

This particular customer is an animal rendering plant.  Biproducts are trucked in all day and turned into new usable substances.  Prior to our camera installation, all machines were monitored by computers.  If a machine went down, there would be alerts and repairs and corrections would be made.  As a part of an effiecency initiative and building expansion, cameras were added to all critical areas of potential back up for more interactive video monitoring.   An Avigilon 2.0MP Dome was placed above each “pit” or conveyor and recorded using Avigilon ACC VMS.  The operator station was equipmed with and Avigilon two monitor workstation and (2) 55″ LCD Monitors.

On this particular day, all computer systems reported normal. The conveyor was running and reporting back to the operator software as such.  However, the camera system showed the transfer mechanism from the holding bins to the conveyor was not operating properly (even though computers indicated they were) .  The operator was able to get the proper personel out to the equipment to get it working.  The video verification saved not only costly downtime, but saved unneccssarry man hours from having a disgusting mess to clean up.


Full holding bins, empty conveyor



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USA Security is a family owned national security integrator.  We are a commercial and residential security provider that strives to keep our technology on the cutting edge and our service leaps and bounds above our competition.   We have some pretty cool and fun systems to use at the office or at home, making security more of a management tool than it has been in the past.

USA Security is Based in Eden Prairie, MN – Suburb of Minneapolis.  We cover all 50 states and some of Canada. We have three offices right now and looking to add another.

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